Getaway Weekend: Artists Studio Tour

The Blue Ridge Mountains viewed from Fox Hill

As most of you know, Fox Hill is located in the rural setting of Rockbridge County, Virginia.  Horse pastures, cornfields and spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains are everywhere.  Very few street lights can be found on the roads…heck, most of the roads don’t even have lines painted on them!  But this is certainly not the most rural location we ever called home.  That honor would fall to Brookfield, Vermont, where we purchased and operated our first B&B.  The roads there had no streetlights nor lines…and they were also unpaved and during Mud Season, sometimes there was no road at all!

Mud Season

Mud Season

The nearest hardware store was a half hour away, and if you needed, say, more than one switch plate in any color than white, it would have to be special ordered.  The nearest Home Depot was in New Hampshire, one state to the east.

In addition to the beautiful views and bucolic settings, both Vermont and Rockbridge County are home to a large base of resident artists.  And here on May 10 and 11, the Rockbridge County Artist Community will open their studios and intimate working spaces for a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process.  They call it Studio Tour 2014 — and this year’s free tour highlights the work of 36 artists showcased in 13 workshops located throughout the county, with local restaurants and caterers providing tastings at each site.   So if you’re looking for a different getaway weekend here in the Shenandoah Valley, a chance to enjoy Spring and country quiet, plan on a visit.  Who knows, maybe you’ll even find one of our rare street lights along the way!

Wonderland Studio, Lexington, Virginia - on Studio Tour 2014

Wonderland Studio, Lexington, Virginia – on Studio Tour 2014

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