Sunny Days

Redbuds blooming at Fox Hill

Red Buds in Bloom at Fox Hill

After a long, gray, dreary Winter, Spring is finally reaching our part of the Valley.  Sunny days and warmer temperatures are giving us the chance to get outside and do some gardening (Sue), spring clean-up (Mark) and general maintenance (Mark again).  We looked outside this morning to see a huge gravel truck making its way up the driveway, spreading a much-needed layer of new stones.  We have no idea how year after year the gravel just seems to disappear into the ground; especially ground as hard as ours!

We don’t want to mislead you into believing all we’ve been doing on the nice days is working:  Sue has been able to get out and do some hiking with her four-footed companion Ellie, and Mark has been to the golf course — a hiking experience all its own.  Mark probably sees more of the course than most people as he measures his success not by score, but by how many (or few) golf balls he loses (he knows the countryside around each fairway and hole intimately, including the place with the itchy weeds – that’s a whole other story!).  Vista Links in Buena Vista, about 20 minutes from Fox Hill, is his usual destination.  The 18-hole course, designed by Rick Jacobsen, was opened in 2004 and has fantastic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains from almost every hole.  Greens fees with cart are reasonable.  Mark highly recommends getting the cart as the course is long and very hilly.  If you are thinking about bringing your clubs on your next visit, a tee time is suggested on weekends, but usually not needed mid-week.

As our new website has a blog, we’ll try to keep it current and update it frequently. But to be honest…sometimes, it’s just more fun to do things than write about them 🙂

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